Hide n Seek

Hide n Seek

Price:  3200€

That deep dark allround workhorse with a captivating red  auburn flamed maple neck - roasted.

3 pickups with the 12 way Fingertips switching - one guitar that can do it all.

Light and resonant 2 piece swampash with a white abalone top. I stained the top extensively from behind to bring out dark blue hues and then went over the top in seven layers of airbrush tinting for a deep dark blue burst.

The back and sides went through the same process. Backplate in matching design recessed. No plastic anywhere--only two abalone knobs and three mini switches - 12 tones - all 5 standard 5 series power tones and two extra quacky clucky tones.

The neck a vintage C, jumbo frets, radiant flamed maple, roasted - tinted a chestnut red - extensively worked on, rounded the edges and frets to make this neck fast, smooth and comfortable. Pearlvibe headstock.

Quack, spank and traditional twang but with great sustain. A flick of a switch and you have beautiful mellow tones.

Hang it up, stroke the strings and listen to the sustain. Hold the body and it resonates pressed against you.. I set up the action relatively low - about 1,2mm at the 12 fret.


Hide n Seek on the left. Dark and mysterious.
These are the only switches. The top is sleek, no added parts.Pickups installed from the top.
The back is handed painted in airbrush - 6 layers.
Red chestnut flamed maple neck
roasted canadian flamed maple, Grade AAA

Pearlvibe Guitars

Vintage Through and Through Genuine Abalone Pearl on the Outside Advanced Custom Switching

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