"LEO`S GARDEN" vintage S type "Player and Performer" in fact, a very pretty workhorse, cover all those clear vintage tones and then add the fatter series or humbucker tones price 3200€
This is an "all out Pearlvibe" with all of my choicest features incorporated: Light resonant sugar pine body weighing in at only 1,7 Kg. Beautiful deep green New Zealand Paua Abalone –larger calico pieces fit diagonally - worked in to the hand shaped top. I softened those lovely curves to make it glide in your arms.Those wild intricate green and gold flames really catch the eyes.
Pickups are painstakingly( I mean slowly and painstakingly) built into the top - no pickguards. Alot more work but the sleek design speaks for itself. Great handwound German Leo Sounds vintage pickups deliver those sweet vintage tones BUT that is only the beginning: Humbucker tones with classic singlecoils are now available.How?
All out Fingertips switching - 12 sounds - 5 standard sounds - 5 new fat series sounds and two very silky parallel sounds.Check out this circuitry under my DVD/VIDEO.
We added a neck fitting in quality and beauty:Grade AAAA highly flamed maple neck –ROASTED to a deep auburn color- vintage C, medium jumbo frets, abalone markers Figured maple covered pickup covers for that classy sleek appearance match the roasted neck.Pearlvibe headstock. Handpainted back and sides that capture a lush cavalcade of colors and intertwining shapes. The artistry of the abalone top needs back and sides that capture that theme. The lush deep greens and golds of a rainforest.
This guitar is for the stage performer who is looking for some extra stage presence, or any serious guitar player or collector. It is made to capture the audience. In poor lighting it seems to glow in the dark. In the spotlight it explodes like a rainbow. Go ahead, take a solo, in a split second you have 4 different humbucker sounds at your fingertips!The standard tones plus a few more are also there. This is a player meant to be played hard and soulful. A beautiful workhorse.

LEO`S GARDEN“ vintage style versatile player - the pretty workhorse

Price: 3200

Guitar Top :Choice „Blue green New Zealand Paua

Abalone, Calico cut, shräg verlegt, fitted diagonally to match the body shape, grade AA

Body/Korpus : 1,7 Kg. Two piece Sugar Pine, sehr alt, very old and resonant,2 teilig

Neck/Hals : grade AAAA Kanadisches Riegelahorn,Canadian highly -flamed ROASTED Maple, einteilig, Radius10, Abalone Dots, Vintage C Form,medium jumbo frets, Pearlvibe headstock.

Elektronics: Leo Sounds 62 , alnico 5,vintage handwound,low output

Fingertips Switching – 12 Sounds, all parallel/serie Stellungen – Killer sounds,5 standard,2 new paralell,5 new series

Gesamte Elektonik von Hinten montiert,mounted from behind

Guitar Back: Custom Airbrushing, „Deep Vibrations“ Nitro und Polyurethane Lackierung,8 layers of lush deep greens

Locking Tuners, tweed case

Pearlvibe Guitars

Vintage Through and Through Genuine Abalone Pearl on the Outside Advanced Custom Switching

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