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Bloody Tangerine  Price with hand wound German pickups:€2600,00 and Fingertips switching as pictured A pearl top on a double cutaway is a real challenge because this super hard and brittle material is extremely difficult when it comes to bending and fitting the contours . All pickup cutouts must be painstakingly done by hand WITHOUT a router. No pickguards here to ease the process. A pickguard would only detract from the beauty and elegant shading. The results speak for themselves. A sleek work of art that captures the eye. Less rainbow colors but more flaming ripples accentuated with an airbrushed gold red burst. Now add that super rare white abalone with extra deep flames and ripples and die it all in an intriguing auburn – orange-gold. The final touch is a flame burst of deep prairie tan ,auburn, orange and gold. Matching pickup covers in auburn abalone complete the balanced picture. The glow and fire can be seen in shadow as well as in bright light. The glow of this guitar captivates the eyes and is meant for the stage or in the hands of a serious collector. I round off the whole picture with a dramatic deep auburn, burnt orange burst on the edges and contours. Sides and back are airbrushed in deep orange to gold to achieve that tasty depth my guitars are known for. I spend hours to achieve that deep shading of intertwining shapes on back and sides: I call it “Good Vibrations”. Dramatic shapes, intricate shading and foremost depth achieved through color and shades. I lacquer in a combination of nitrocellulose and then three very thin coats of 2 component poly urethane. The coats are so thin that you can actually see the fine grain of the abalony at extreme angles. This assures you that there is as little lacquer as possible. We want this baby to vibe. Specs.: Vintage bright and resonant two piece swampash body weighing in at 1,8 Kg. Vintage C shape  neck stained to a tasty yellow honey color,Pearlvibe headstock. 10 inch radius and medium jumbo frets. The neck is flat cut, medium weight and more middy in tone to balance out the swampash. The grain is grade AAAA Canadian flamed maple worthy of this body. Vintage skunkstripe in all of my guitars: one piece neck for lots of snap. Professional quality gold hardware: vintage tremolo, Wilkinson locking tuners. Neck and bridgeplate are always hand-fitted. The necks fit snugly like they should. I realy on my eyes because a template can easily be off whack resulting in poor string alignment. You´ll often see this effect on factory instruments. NO PLASTIC on any of my guitars. Putting plastic covers or pickguards on fine guitars is like putting vinyl seats in a Ferrari! Three back cavity covers in matching orange abalone- yet to be lacquered. ELECTRONICS: German Häussel handwound vintage strat pickups for an authentic vintage tone. I stick to the vintage windings and combination of alnico 2 and 5 magnets. Last but not least, all three pickups are wired with the Fingertips Switching: Three miniswitches that enable 13 distinct sounds – the 5 vintage sounds you get on a five way switch along with 3 more distinct and great sounding parallel sounds and combinations and 4 more fat and more powerful SERIES (wired like a humbucker)sounds. 13 sounds altogether and all very fast and at your fingertips. Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! 13 distinct sounds :Vintage to lead to fat that are natural and not achieved with any effects. Four of these sounds are not available on any factory instruments! Please email me at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! for a pricequote on the Fingertps switching. It is time consuming to install because there are more than 28 soldering joints as compared to 8 on a standard five way switch. Check out my Youtube demos! My favorite clean tones: Knopfler…Knopfler, Clapton, John Mayer, Richard Thompson, Steve Bruton. I try to achieve these clean tones. Spanky, responsive yet mellow and not thin. The combination of bridge – mid as well all three in parallel sound exceptionally good and quacky. Write me for a sound demo: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!. Call me up and I´ll even test it over the phone for you. Please note! I can put in almost any pickup you like. I”ll either try and acquire them myself or you can send a set of your favorites directly to me. They just have to fit into a standard cavity. Please write for a quote. ​

Pearlvibe Guitars

Vintage Through and Through Genuine Abalone Pearl on the Outside Advanced Custom Switching

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