Blonde on Blonde

1,8 Kg. Sugarpine, 2 teilig, Enhanced grain, extensive Airbrushing
grade AA Kanadisches Riegelahorn,highly -flamed Maple, einteilig, Radius11, Abalone Dots, Vintage C Form
Hals,Mitte, Steg: Leo Sounds 62 Strat, alnico 5,vintage handwound Fingertips switching - 3 fast high quality miniswitches enable you to get all 5 strat sounds plus 7 series/ paralell combinations. Fingertips Schaltung – 12 Sounds, auch alle parallel/serie Stellungen – Killer sounds Guitar Back: Custom Airbrushing, „Enhanced Grain“ Nitro und Polyurethane Lackierung Locking Tuners
You can go from a bright super clean tone to a heavy overdriven tone in a split second by just switching the guitar and NO foot pedals.
Vintage materials and tone - and then some
This guitar looks amazing from all angles

Pearlvibe Guitars

Vintage Through and Through Genuine Abalone Pearl on the Outside Advanced Custom Switching

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