Our lumber is aged over many years, selected and matched, glued and rough routed.

The necks are made first. I use vintage specs, vintage C shape. Enough wood for good tone but not too fat - comfortable in your hands. Only well aged Canadian maple is used, FLAMED maple from AAA grade to AAAAA.

This batch is Grade AAA. Very pretty flames

Grade AAAA -flames more pronounced

These are all Grade AAAA to grade AAAAA

Pearlvibe also offers roasted maple necks with the same radiant flames


Building steps of the "Sultans of Pearl" from start to finish:

Preliminary airbrushing after routing, shaping, sanding and nitro base

More airbrushing layers

This is the final product

Rough abalone has been fitted painstakingl It is still too thick and must be sanded extensively. Pickup cutouts were routed before hand.

More final fitting of abalone pieces, last sanding

Now the fun starts - Pups and electronics. Of course, one more coat of lacquer and polishing.

Vintage low out put pups 5,6 K  alnico 2 and Fingertips switching for those extzra series power tones


Building the EMBER CASTER: the critical steps


Rough white abalone strips. Secret staining process follows after sanding down the top to a paper thin thickness

Airbrushing was done - a deep auburn burst

Final lacquer and polishing

 Roasted maple neck, Kinman pickups, 12 way Fingertips switching


The Classic Series: Grain Enhancement! Great tonewood but the grain and color is lacking.

 Great tonewood but the color and grain is lacking

First step. I want a warm red tone!

This was all done with airbrush

Classic Series with white abalone pickguard

REDWOOD STRAT; grain enhancement


Celebrate Color: Guitar Backs

Guitar Sides

Guitar tops


Pearlvibe Guitars

Vintage Through and Through Genuine Abalone Pearl on the Outside Advanced Custom Switching

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