Price €2200,-


Take a classic two piece tele body - very old and dry red pine. Cut it to exacting vintage specs.  It must be light and it must be resonant.

Now rework the grain, staining a deep red - sand and stain - sand. and stain etc. Now soften those harsh edges to make them feel good when playing.Softened edges also allow you to use much less lacquer - nitro and urethane. I used 3 coats of nitro and two coats of urethane to get this ultra thin layer to shine like glass.

Check out the close ups and different angles. Yes, this really is pine although it looks like a cross between redwood and brazilian rosewood.The classic one piece maple neck - vintage C shape -jumbo frets - boasts the most beautiful flames. Its tinted a deep caramel which enhances the grain some more. The neck is a pleasure to play.

The pickguard is made of genuine rare white cream abalone and shimmers and shines in light hues of mint, gold and lavender. The main color is a deep CREAM. The waves and ripples are fascinating and very deep.

Finest electronics in the cavity in a handmade wood plate. NO PLASTIC or CHEAP metal.The handwound Joe Barden pickups give more punch along with that well known vintage twang. I set up the guitar to get the last bit of sustain and spank. Not only country but blues and rock. I used Danny Gatton as my inspiration.




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