If there ever was the classic surf strat then this has got to be it! If you don´t believe me then check out these videos to see

this great guitar in action: Video 1   Video 2

PRICE:  €2200,00

A tone monster that can get those sweet vintage tones - dry twang and lots of quack.

Add 4 new combination sounds and last but not least 5 humbucker sounds - all in a classic strat type guitar. Check it out to see if it isn´t possible.


Yet, everything about this guitar is vintage. From the light resonant swampash body beautifully contoured to the handwound low output alnico2 and 5 pickups. Add a beautiful flamed maple neck with vintage C shape.


Price €2200,-

AUBURN and CREAM  tele type


Price €2200, 

Picture an old slab of German pine, chosen for its tonal properties, lightness and age. The grain was gnarly and intertwined. I knew that this would make a great body.

Vintage Strat type

Price €2600,00  including Fingertips switching

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