Prairie Fire   SOLD! for   Price €3500, Check out the "GOLDEN HEART" for a similar S type guitar!

Check out this guitar test on Youtube:

Add €120,00 for the Fingertips switchi fong(definitely recommended)

This is a top of the line with the ultra-expensive white abalone top.The only one on this beautiful planet.

images/prairie_fire/prairie fire_thumb.jpg

A pearl top on a strat is a real challenge because this super hard and brittle material is extremely difficult when it comes to bending and fitting the contours of a vintage strat. All pickup cutouts must be painstakingly done by hand WITHOUT a router. No pickguards here to ease the process. A pickguard would only detract from the beauty and elegant shading. The results speak for themselves. A sleek work of art that captures the eye. Less rainbow colors than Paua but more flaming ripples.

"Emerald Rainforest"  vintage S type "Player and Performer" not just another pretty guitar  price starts at 3500€

Check out this guitar test on Youtube to hear and see it live:

This is an "all out strat" with all of my choicest features incorporated: Light resonant sugar pine body weighing in at only 1,7 Kg.

Beautiful deep green New Zealand Paua Abalone worked in to the hand shaped top. I softened those lovely strat curves to make it glide in your arms.Those wild intricate green and gold flames really catch the eyes.

Pickups are painstakingly built into the top - no pickguards. Alot more work but the sleek design speaks for itself. Great handwound German Leo Sounds vintage strat pickups deliver those sweet vintage strat tones BUT that is only the beginning: Humbucker tones with classic singlecoils are now available.How?

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