Price 3000€  Includes most costly Whie Abalone top. All pieces are placed DIAGONALLY for that outrageous effect of movement and action. The deepest ripples and rainbow hues.


Yes those are Joe Barden pickups and Danny Gatton´s tone is definitely my goal - although AMBER WAVES of GRAIN sounds drier and fatter. Still has that tele bite and snap.

The white abalone is simply stunning at any angle. There is no trace of glitter or bling here. When you hold this guitar in your hands you quickly realize that this is a very special material - natures finest - put together to form a work of art.


The neck has to be befitting of such a beautiful body. I use a yellow honey tinted one piece maple neck with very uniform and deep flames.Like most of my necks, a vintage beefy C with medium jumbo frets. A fast, comfortable and resonant neck.


The body is a light resonant two piece sugar pine - weight 1,9 kg. A good match for the neck to give a sweet dry resonant twang.

But wait you say, "That doesn´t look at all like pine". I reworked the grain, staining , sanding - brought out the grain to where you might think it is Zebrano or Brazilian Rosewood. I call this the Pearlvibe grain enhancement and how I achieve it is a trade secret. But it sure is stunning, isn´t it?



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