SOLD! "Walk of Life 1" a tribute and thanks to Dire  Straits   Price:  3200€  SOLD! Check out the new one being built. 

PRESS to see a typical tone test

magine putting together hundres of strips of choice green New Zealand Paua Abalone, Combine them in such a way as to create "movement" wild swirls, colors, outrageous iridescence and refelections to let this baby glow in the dark or explode under stage spotlight. This is what I strive to capture - call it artistry if you like.I call it Rock n Roll.

The colors: Lush greens golds and blue that remind you of a lush Garden Paradise. The back and sides airbrushed with many layers of matching "Garden swirls". I then round off the picture by adding a deep green burst on edges. That is the outside but that is just the beginning.

This one is a "no limit" Pearlvibe Tele with all of the choice features in one guitar:



Danny Gatton bridge and neck pick-up(will be added). You choose the switching - and middle pup.

good matching middle pick-up with the Fingertips switching - 12 sounds including 5 fat series sounds

exclusiv light resonant old pine body, vintage specs. The body is very reonant and assures a tone that is rich and never ice picky. This is also due to the very thin nitro and urethane finish polished to a glasslike shine. You can actually see how thin the finish is. This is achieved by sanding and lacquer in many steps.


Grade AA Flamed maple neck, rosewood fretboard, abalone markers


Top choice New Zealand Paradise GREEN Paua abalone top

Deep green burst top and sides over multi-layered airbrushed back and sides.A rich cavalcade of Colors and intertwining Abstract shapes.

This is an ALL OUT Pearlvibe. Finest woods, neck and hardware. Beautifully hand painted back and sides and the most gorgeous green New Zealand Paua abalone I could find. I even set the paper thin strips diagonally to fit the angle of the tele body. Very unique and awfully hard to do.

You judge!     




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