Sounds a bit provocative doesnt it?

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In a time of drab and ordinary, trying to simply create something beautiful is a revolutionary act. In an age of deplorable „ugly“, a time of conforming debauchery and tastelessness – the attempt alone of capturing beauty will confound most people. It will cause them to act like a ground mole blinded by looking at sunlight after years of darkness. Those who see it for the first time defensively call it „BLING“, trying to downplay something completely foreign to their eyes. Then there are those that scoff at a rainbow and attribute it to a social movement, never stopping to be captivated by its utter beauty.

My guitars are dedicated to the search for beauty in its purest form. Each and everyone is concieved and crafted with this in mind.And if I achieve this quest then it is not my doing alone. The one that created such beautiful material as Abalone, Pearl, precious woods, gems, crystals (the list goes on) is the true artist.The one who gave us a rainbow as a gift of love shows us what art is all about. I just put it all together. Call it art if you like – but I´m NOT the artist.

Then there is the tone and playability: Does anyone really want great tone today? Stupid question, you might say. Well then just listen to the monotonous desensitizing Lemming jibberish being called music today and show me where great tone is even an issue. When was the last time you heard a fantastic tone that caught your ear and gave you goosebumps? When was the last time you heard a beautiful melody?

In an age of audial trash a beautiful tone is ridiculed.

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