Grade AAA Flamed Maple Tele and Strat Type necks; one piece, all maple only.

Prices usually start at €250,00 without shipping. I´ll ship to U.S., Canada, Europe or almost anywhere as cheaply as possible.

Every now and then I have a surplus of great necks. Since I make all my guitars by hand, I sometimes  have too many necks.

(Here I compare my necks to one of my all time favorites - a birdseye maple Musicman. You decide which necks look better.)

To keep costs in the stratosphere (and telesphere – pardon the pun) I sometimes put them up for sale. This can be quite an opportunity for guitar builders to acquire a very fine neck at a modest price. These offers are always limited and depend on my surplus.


Contact me and I´ll let you know what is available - and send you a photo if necesarry.

All necks are made of the finest quarter sawn and flatsawn hardrock flamed Canadian maple. The beautiful flames put these necks in class or grade AAA.

The Tele and Strat necks are all standard shape and size to fit vintage bodies. Radius is usually 10"  with jumbo frets, bone nut and a nice vintage  C shape for plenty of wood for good sustain but shaped to fit very comfortably in ones hands. I round the edge along the frets to make them feel perfect.

These are fast professional quality necks. First I lacquer them with a thin nitro coat and then a thin 2K urethane for good protection and a smooth silky feel.

Please note that these necks look the best from the back and sides - how you see them when you play.

Imagine holding this neck in your hands

I offer 4 tints or colors when available: 1. White natural  2.Honey yellow  3.vintage amber  4.vintage caramel.  Quite often they even come with gold abalone dots that give these exceptional necks even more class.

I only work with onepiece maple necks with a rosewood skunkstripe; Trussrod is at the heel. This style neck gives me that sought after "snap" that a tele or strat needs.

Please be patient because there aren´t that many available. Try and get one of these necks for under €400,- at your dealer; so the wait is really worth it.

Mail Frank if you have any questions: or


And if you are lucky you might just get a beauty like this one!

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