Total Price for this fully handmade pickguard set: €190,00 – the  supply is extremely limited!

Pickguard alone: €150,00

White ripple abalone – beautiful, classy, enthralling  -  amazing pearlike depth radiating

like a rainbow in very light gold, mint green and lavender tones. Very subtle and yet very very classy. I can´t get many of these!I have never seen this material worldwide.


Here are some white abalone pickguards on my classic series. Very subtle and very classy.

Check out these pickguards on youtube:



Strat Set: White abalone  strat set including  3 pickup covers in white abalone and two volume/tone knobs (a third knob is possible) covered in matching white abalone.

I use only the highest grade A white abalone. This is the rarest and extremely hard to get. How does it differ from New Zealand Paua Abalone?

Paua is that typical abalone with all those wild shapes and swirls of innumerable color combinations radiating color in all directions. It is wild and free.

White abalone is more uniform with extroadinary depth of waves and ripples. It radiates color but much more restrained and gentle. It is pure class and totally fascinating. If New Zealand Paua is the topaz,ruby or aquamarine then this clear white abalone is the diamond. Pure class!

Alltogether, three very thin layers Lacquered and polished All cutouts according to vintage early 60´s strats – will fit a standard strat

If you would like other cutouts – for example with a bridge

Humbucker or other switching.


I can add the fantastic „Fingertips - Switching“ with three individual miniswitches- (highly recomended) for 5

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