Classic Strat Pickguard Set; pickup covers, and knobs all covered in matching GOLD NEW ZEALAND PAUA ABALONE.

Pickguard with all pickup cutouts only €140,-

Pickguard set with all cutouts , 3 pickup covers in pearl, 3 knobs with pearl: Complete set €179,00

Good gold New Zealand Paua is becoming scarce. The predominant color gold – altogether lighter than the green abalone, with hues of gold, lightgreen and pink. The perfect rainbow. It really shines on stage! Please Note: The dark areas on the photos turn to golds and greens when viewed at a different angle! NO BLACK areas on the pickguard. You can´t properly photograph abalone because it changes with every angle.

Cost: € 179,00 postage not included. Will ship to U.S., Canada and Europe as cheaply as possible!

Strat Set: gold rainbow paua abalone strat set including 3 pickup covers in green abalone and two volume/tone knobs


 (a third knob is possible) covered in matching gold abalone.

I use only the highest grade A Paua abalone. This is extremely hard to get.

Alltogether, three very thin layers .Lacquered and polished . Built to last

All cutouts according to vintage early 60´s strats – will fit a standard strat

This pickguard looks great on white, blonde or black strats.

If you would like other cutouts – for example with a bridgehumbucker - write.I can add the fantastic „Fingertips - Switching“ with three individual miniswitches- (highly recomended) for 5 standard sounds and 7 new sounds – series, paralel and combination.

 Check out these pickguards on Youtube or DVD/Video Menue. "Strat pickguards abalone Pearlvibe"

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