Classic Strat Pickguard Set; pickup covers, and knobs all covered in matching WHITE KOREAN AWABI – which is a type of Abalone – but made up of smaller pieces

Special Price without shipping: €109,00 per set

White Korean Awabi is more uniform than white abalone It is made of smaller pieces than the costly abalone orawabi.The basic color is a warm creamy white with all rainbow hues in small sparkles. A very unique, very uniform look. Depth is not as pronounced as in the Abalones.  The rainbow also shines on stage but not as strongly!

Orange White

The most beautiful Strat Pickguard on this planet. Natures work of Art! €190,- for the set.

The finest upgrade and most class you will ever add to your strat.

Total Price for this fully handmade pickguard set: €190,00 – and it is worth every penny because the  supply is extremely limited! NOTHING that is factory produced can compare with this pickguard!

White ripple abalone – beautiful, classy, enthralling  -  amazing pearlike depth radiating

like a rainbow in very light gold, mint green and lavender tones. I can´t make many of these!

Cost:  € 190,00 postage not included. Will ship to U.S., Canada and Europe as cheaply as possible!

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