What you should know about Pearlvibe (OR – who has no business being on this site)

Sounds a bit provocative doesnt it?

In an age of deplorable „ugly“, a time of conforming debauchery and tastelessness – the attempt alone of capturing beauty will cofound most people like a ground mole is blinded by looking at sunlight after years of darkness. Those who see it for the first time call it „BLING“, trying to downplay something completely foreign to their eyes.


My guitars are dedicated to the search for beauty. Each one is concieved and made with this in mind and if I achieve this quest then it is not my doing. The one that created such beautiful material as Abalone, Pearl, precious woods, gems, crystals (the list goes on) is the true artist. I just put it all together. Call it art if you like – but I´m not the artist.

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