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I offer the „Fingertips“ switching using three high quality mini switches. Two ON-ON to control the neck and middle pup and an ON-ON-ON for the bridge pup.

This option brings many tonal advantages giving you 12 completely natural sounds that are inherent in your pickups.They can be achieved quickly – just with your fingertips. I offer the Fingertips on all of my 3 pickup guitars and I highly recommend it.Check out the videos and dvd´s to see and here this circuitry LIVE:

Please note: It takes tedious long hours to solder over 30 points on the tiny switches and get the switching to work perfectly. This is probably the reason why it is not offered on any factory guitars. 

Some purists may say "I only need 5 positions at the most." That´s like saying I only need the first three gears in my Porsche 911. Purists can be very silly and will be blown away when they discover what they have been missing. 


All possible combinations of parallel and series sounds are now available. You keep all those sweet tele or strat singlecoil sounds. No need to install a neck humbucker where you sacrifice those sweet sounds. The SERIES sounds give you those fat tones that a humbucker gives.

Standard single and parallel sounds:

Bridge alone - your Tele bridge tone - your Tele will always sound like a tele

Mid alone

Neck alone - that cool bluesy singlecoil sound - you don´t lose the standard sound

Straty bridge and mid combined in parallel - the quacky Sultans of Swing SOUND

neck and MID combined in parallel - quacky strat sound

Now the NEW sounds: (Believe me, you will use them constantly and wonder how you got along in the past without them.)

6.Tele type neck and bridge in parallel - that typical tele combination sound

7.Tele type neck and bridge combined in SERIES – a new growling TELE sound-fatter and hotter than nr. 6.

8.Bridge and mid combined in Series; hotter, fatter and louder than setting Nr.4. Great for that quick solo where you get more meat and bite without using a footswitch or changing any settings. Sounds like a humbucker with „quack“. Bridge switch down – mid switch up and neck switch down. Mr. CLAPTON would love this one.

9.Bridge, mid and neck – ALL 3 combined in parallel – for an unprecedented sweet „quacky“ almost acoustic like tone. The sweetest sound you will ever hear in a strat or tele. You simply switch up all 3 switches. I call it my JUICY SOUND

10.All three, bridge, mid, neck in series parallel combination. The voicing of a Tele lead bridge BUT More powerful than a tele bridge alone: more spank and twang and rich overtones. I call it THE ROCK n ROLL setting. One of the most useable sounds you will have. You have never heard this sound before and will come to love it and use it constantly because it is so "Tele-like". Bridge switch down, mid and neck switches up.

11.ALL three in SERIES. This is the fattest and hottest setting and sounds similar to a heavy fat humbucker. You have never heard this on a single coil guitar. You get it quickly by switching all 3 switches down. This will overdrive any tube amp.Turn up the treble to increase the twang.

12.My MELLOW POWER SETTING. Neck and Mid in SERIES; sounds like Nr. 5 but much thicker and heavier. Like a fat neck humbucker with QUACK. Simply switch neck and mid DOWN and place bridge switch in the middle setting.

13.Neck and bridge together but in SERIES. If you like that tele bridge/neck sound but you want it fatter and more powerful – then simply switch up the neck switch and switch down the mid and bridge switch. It´s that simple to get a completely natural and useable new sound.

Please note: Your 3 pickup Tele will still sound just like a Tele but will also become a Strat Killer at your Fingertips. You´ll also fatten up your Tele easily so that it gives you Humbucker Sounds in the neck position BUT you will not sacrifice that sweet neck sound. The BEST of ALL THREE WORLDS in one guitar.

Costs: €125,00 for parts and installation on pickguard or guitar.

I like to cover the neck and middle pickup covers with matching Abalone. This will keep your tele or strat looking nice and sleek and not overloaded. A beautiful effect. See: Teles: Prairie Wedding, Tobacco Topaz or Caramel Fireball as well as Strats:Sweet Home Abalone and Prairie Fire.


Brent Type switching – 2nd volume pot is used as ablender pot to blend in the middle pup.

There are NO series sounds with this switching but you can slowly blend in the middle pup to add "MEAT" to your tele bridge or tele neck setting! This switching is great for the studio.

I advise most customers to have a middle pickup installed in their teles. The sound possibilities are simply fantastic and the playability is just as good as a standard 2 pickup tele.

Brent Mason, James Burton and Albert Lee are just three examples.

Standard with a 3 pickup tele is the third volume knob which controls only the middle pickup and can be blended in easily. Brent Mason uses this type of switching and in his words „adds some meat to the bridge pickup by dialing in some of the middle pup. I use a pretty and very practical short throw Les Paul type three way switch. It is very exact and fast. That old tele switch belongs on a locomotive -not a guitar.

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