Check out this tone and soundcheck of the Golden Halo. I think you just might be surprised what this beauty is capable of:Ultimate test and soundcheck of a typical Pearlvibe 


Check out these videos to see the Strat and Tele Abalone Pickguards Live

Note:Set to 720 to 1020 HD for best results.




DID YOU KNOW that any 3 singlecoil guitar can get 12 sounds instead of the standard 5? These sounds are all completely natural and easily available at your fingertips:New sounds that you will love will quickly become addictive. Check out the short test before you go to the trouble of installing a neck humbucker – Videos/Audios Please Note: An IQ above that of a "toaster" is required to understand this system! Also, you´re fingers have to be as nimble as those of a chimpansee. Installation price for Fingertips switching €125,00 per Pickguard and/or guitar (If at all possible)

audio sample



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I offer the „Fingertips“ switching using three high quality mini switches. Two ON-ON to control the neck and middle pup and an ON-ON-ON for the bridge pup.

This option brings many tonal advantages giving you 12 completely natural sounds that are inherent in your pickups.They can be achieved quickly – just with your fingertips. I offer the Fingertips on all of my 3 pickup guitars and I highly recommend it.Check out the videos and dvd´s to see and here this circuitry LIVE:

Please note: It takes tedious long hours to solder over 30 points on the tiny switches and get the switching to work perfectly. This is probably the reason why it is not offered on any factory guitars. 

Some purists may say "I only need 5 positions at the most." That´s like saying I only need the first three gears in my Porsche 911. Purists can be very silly and will be blown away when they discover what they have been missing. 

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