50-years of experience has taught me that tone is always elusive and completely subjective. One day you have it and the next day you think it´s gone. In fact I´ve caught myself again and again changing pickups, selling guitars and amps, reworking and trading away great sounding guitars because they didn´t capture a certain tone I was seeking at that moment. I could kick myself for that today. 

Yet- great tone is also a matter of quality,old-school craftsmanship, and the thoughtful combination of pick ups and wood and also a few secrets. 

You probably heard:„I want my tele to sound as fat and warm as Brent Mason, yet as sparkly as Vince Gill, as spanky as Ray Flacke then again as percussive as Albert Lee. I like that raunchy sound of Brad and that dry twang of Pete Anderson. Don´t forget Danny Gatton,Arlen Roth etc. “ ALL THESE TONES IN ONE GUITAR?

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