Vintage lightweight handpicked bodies cut to vintage dimensions and shapes: swampash, red alder,and sugar pine bodies. All are one to two piece and cut out to old tele or strat shapes. The edges are rounded or softened through extensive sanding and shaping.

 Tops are completely covered in either MOP, abalone, awabi, New Zealand Paua abalone, white Abalone. These are very thin veneers that shine but do not take away tone.


---------Please note: All headstocks pictured are from my prototypes and are only close to the Fender designed headstocks. I am not selling these!

All guitars being sold have a vintage looking headstock but significantly different to the Fender design.------

All maple one piece vintage necks. Handpicked grade AAAA curly or flamed maple with beautiful figuring. Vintage specs, vintage C shape, 22 jumbo frets. Hard and silky 2K Urethane finish.

Handwound single coil pickups – tele - German handwound Haüssel pickups or Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue pickups Strat: Handwound combination of Alnico 3 and alnico 5, or Haüsel handwound or Seymour Duncan (you can choose the model)

Custom switching: either FINGERTIPS 12 TONE, or 5 way switch, or Brent Mason style with extra BLENDER pot.

Locking tuners – professional quality and professional hardware and bridges.

Handpainting on back and sides – that are befitting of the beautiful abalone tops. Each and every tele or strat is unique and one of a kind. A literal cavalcade of colorsand intertwining shapes. An avalanche of layers and dreamlike ideas. If you find a painting that you want to have I can try and reproduce it with and combine it with any top you choose.Guitars are covered in all together 5 coats of nitro and urethane laquer, extrensively sanded and polished for a lasting very thin resonant coat.


All guitars are broken in by me. Your new guitar is actually a „used guitar“ but looks brand new. I personally match the pickups to the sound of the guitar and will change pickups until I get that sought after vintage dry twang.

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