Building a Beautiful Vintage Tele or Strat type

Growing up in the 60´s left a profound mark on the way I look at music and guitars.

I set out to recapture the spirit of that era and put that lost beauty into my guitars.

Imagine playing a guitar on stage where the audience is fascinated and can´t take it´s eyes off of it. "Wow, what is that" or "cool guitar"they say.

Or a guitar that you lovingly hold in your hands again and again just staring in loving wonder.

Building such a guitar is our goal. I will not take a good guitar and scrape off the paint and stick it in liquid nitrogen to make it look 50 years old. Only honest old-school craftsmanship - no BLING and no "fake" roadworn effect. Read on to see how I go about it.

Step 1:

The finest woods and lumber

All lumber is dry and aged. Some lumber is very old!

Tapping and testing the tone using a stethoscope.

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