The music we have all grown to love: Rock, blues, folk, country is quickly fading and becoming a thing of the past. Unfortuneately, it has become "past oriented" ; everyone is clamoring to grab an old tele or strat before they are all gone. Since they are so limited, NEW ones are being built that just look OLD and are being called VINTAGE. This is like Ferarri building a new Testarossa and then scratching it up, treating it with steel wool soaked in vinegar, cracking the finish with liquid nitrogen ......and so on and calling it a classic.

Or imagine Gibson in the 1950`s just copying Fenders Teles instead of creating the Les Paul with flamed maple top. I think you get the point. Quality, creativity and true art always pays in the end.

If the music we love is to survive, new guitars - new approaches and designs (that are still vintage oriented) have to be built.

I´m doing my part in taking guitarbuilding and design to the next level and "keeping the music alive": A VINTAGE guitar of the future, so to speak.

What YOU should know about Pearlvibe (OR – who has no business being on this site) Sounds a bit provocative doesnt it?


In an age of deplorable „ugly“, a time of conforming debauchery and tastelessness – the attempt alone of capturing beauty will confound most people and cause them to act like a ground mole blinded by looking at sunlight after years of darkness. Those who see it for the first time defensively call it „BLING“, trying to downplay something completely foreign to their eyes.

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